Testaments of Love: A Study of Love in the Bible

“Leon Morris, with his usual breadth and precision, has given us another of his thorough biblical studies, this time on the theme of love, human and divine. Concise yet complete, studded with a galaxy of fine quotations, written in a sprightly style, this book leads us through most everything important the Bible tells us about the wonder and power of love.” – Lewis Smedes, Fuller Theological Seminary “With his usual vigorous scholarship and careful attention to the text, Leon Morris here presents a highly rewarding study of the biblical idea of love as set forth in both testaments. He provides an invaluable guide for the student who would explore this central theme of the Bible and a vast repertoire for the minister seeking to instruct his congregation in the nature of the divine and human love.” – Kenneth Kantzer, Former Editor, Christianity Today “There are few concepts more frequently misunderstood than the Biblical concept of love. Dr. Morris’s work is the most comprehensive and lucid treatment of this concept I’ve ever seen. It is a must for our times.” – R. C. Sproul, is chairman and founder of Ligonier Ministries.

This is a thorough biblical study on the very greatest of themes by an outstanding scholar. I’ve found nothing like it. It should be famous in its impact but instead is almost unheard of. Pastors and earnest seekers after God, this should be your most important book you will have read this year. Don’t think it will be a light or entertaining read. But it is should be thrilling because its subject is so thrilling. Order it today with the anticipation of a spiritual feast!